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When I have fear.....

Through the eyes of an African child


The yearning of God

Pinning my hopes on Eternity.

Dear Father.....

Birthing mission in a child's heart

When children have no voice

Eyes wide open

Another Addition!

Learning to let Him lead.

When you can't make sense of life

Cataracts of ingratitude


Worship redefined

Embracing the fatherless

Joy in a bunch of blooms.

He is enough

Joyful, joyful.....

Love hung on two beams.

Turning my eyes away from death and onto life.

Brevity of Life


By the grace of God

Hope found in the least expected places

He has to be our refuge

He is the only One worthy.

The path of serenity

If I ever doubted I was loved.....

The Temple

Unstoppable Light.

The Light of Men


Finding life over a plate of steak and potatoes.

Hole in the heart

Hope arises.


Bringing the empty to the One who fills


Waiting for that day

The Father's Heart