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We don't weep alone

I'm continuing in this thought today (from the past few blog posts) that loneliness and a sense of isolation can be crippling. Mother Teresa described is this way:
".....the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love."

In one way that is simple. Love heals. But if it were so simple, why is it so hard to grasp, not only intellectually but also experientially? Part of the difficulty lies with us. You see, it takes immense amounts of courage to face the vulnerability of being loved in the midst of shame, despair or grief. I have experienced that vulnerability and in that moment the only thing I wanted to do was hide. It's common to us all. Remember Adam and Eve in the garden trying to hide behind the fig leaves?
There are, however, some examples of courageous people through the ages that have demonstrated this "leaning into love" in the middle of some very vulnerable circumstances. The one I want to look at today is a woman called Mary Magdalen…

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