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Leaning into love when we weep.

I suppose in a way it depends on your view of a father.
Or perhaps your view of a friend.
Or maybe even your view of a lover.

What comes to mind when you imagine yourself weeping uncontrollably in grief before a friend, a father or a lover? Does it make you cringe uncomfortably? Do you picture yourself held in safety? Do they reach out to you? Do they feel uncomfortable and ill equipped to deal with your overwhelming emotions? Do they pass a tissue hoping that you will stop crying because surely if the problem is ignored, "time will heal." Ah, yes, that good old adage, "Time will heal." But does it? Does time have the power in itself to heal broken hearts or just it just allow pain to get crusty and dusty and forgotten about while it lies dormant just waiting for another triggering event to raise it's ugly head? Time doesn't heal. Love heals.

And here we are hoping in the healing power of love to move in our lives and make all things right but at the sam…

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