The strongest choosing vulnerability....Reflections for Advent #1

She breathes it in, the fragrance of him lying cradled in her arms.

She inhaled the innocence, the purity, the loveliness of all that he was.

He clutched her neck, craning his head back to look deep into her eyes.

She felt like she was looking into pools of eternity in the deepness of his gaze.

Captured. she was, her heart totally his, melting in the light of his vulnerable need.

Ironic that she should be the one cradled, as she cradled him; loved, as she loved him; given to, as she gave.

This infant, grown in the velvet darkness of her womb, had been one with her.

He felt hunger as she did. He thirsted for the milk dripping from her breast.

He leaned into her closeness. She leaned into his.

A beautiful exchange of love.

Eternity held in the arms of a mother.

When I drew this picture I didn't imagine that it would evoke such deep feelings in me. I am a mother and have felt the intense bond that happens between a mother and her child. Yet, this picture drove something deeper into me. It's a picture of a woman called Mary and her son. Her son grew up to change the entire trajectory of the world as we know it. He is known for loving the weak, giving strength to the oppressed, refusing to be bullied, laying his life down for those He loved and for choosing the strength of vulnerability, both in His birth and at the cross. A bloodied entry into this world and a bloodied end. Love always came first and love , vulnerable love, always wins.


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