We live in a staggeringly beautiful world.
Tonight as dusk settles in,
Mountains split the light in the dusky sky, majestic and safe.
Birds soar, dark silhouettes drawing invisible lines across clouds.
Leaves hang heavy on strong branches that draw up life-sap from damp earth.
Throaty songs burst forth from beaks, temporal yet eternal.

Beauty is inherent.
Beauty is not an attribute we blithely give because something "feels" beautiful to us.

Think about a sunset.
I can't imagine a person watching the golden shafts of light reflecting over water and denying that the scene is beautiful in and of its own right. It is universally beautiful. We would scorn a dull heart who told us it wasn't beautiful to them.
Yet, don't we call it beautiful because, in fact, it is a portal to the Creator who is the ultimately beautiful one? Before a beautiful sunset our senses are aroused into love, joy, peace, goodness and hope when we dwell on  - those things that are eternal and invisible.

Every time we are moved by a picture, a story, an act of beauty it is a window to the definition of beauty. The definition of beauty is God, made known in the person of Christ.

Over the next few weeks I want to spend some time exploring beauty unfolding. Oh, and by the way, the new name of my blog is: and you can get to it the old way too.

Let's take this journey together into the exploration of beauty.



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