Tablets of human hearts - a letter to my child

"You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everyone."

There is something I want you to know today, my child. You, beautiful you, are the most important letter that I could ever write.

Please hear me when I say, no activity, no friendship, no career possibility and no financial gain should ever come before you. You are that important. If I am promoted to the highest position in a company but fail to love you well it was all worthless. 

You are a treasure that I get to hold for just a short while before you launch bravely into your own life. I pray for the grace to treasure you well all of my life.

Dad and I don't love perfectly and we will fail you over and over. We already have failed you. Forgive us for that. But there is the One, your Maker, who loves you more than you know, and His love is unfailing and forever faithful. Trust in that love. It will sustain you through the sometimes hard pilgrimage of life. 

I hold you close to my heart through the hard days and the good - more than that, your name is written on my heart, etched permanently into the very fiber of my being. You are loved child. You are loved.

Live from that place of knowing you are loved and soar with your heart beating warm, strong, wild and free like the birds rising over the white frozen land. 

Love, Mama


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