Growing in the way of love

1 Corinthians 13:4
Love is patient, love is kind....

Dear child,
I wish I was always patient and kind. I'm not. I fail you, and the truth is, you also fail me. I thank God that we don't have to be perfect all the time to be loved and accepted. He loves us even when we mess up and we can love each other when we mess up. 
The life in God is just that way - we are covered in our weakness and our messes don't separate us from Him. 
Now that you know that, I never want you to feel shame about mistakes or failures. If we are trying, we are guaranteed, at some point, to fail. The important thing is that we are trying.

Think about when you were learning to tie your shoe laces - it took quite a number of times of getting it wrong before you finally got it figured out. That is how we learn. In the same way, when we are learning to be kind, we will sometimes be mean by mistake. That's just part of learning kiddo. The important thing is to try anyway.

The truth is, it's very hard to love if you have never felt love. It's hard to be kind if you haven't experienced kindness. It's hard to be patient if everyone is impatient around you, so don't  be hard on yourself but know that God's grace is enough to grow you in the things that you think are impossible. 

Remember the fable of the turtle and the hare? The turtle won the race because he just stayed steady. That's all it takes. Just stay steady. Trust in His Spirit working on the inside of you and try a little each day. Over the years you will blossom. You are sowing into a lifetime of joy and peace. Just stay steady.

That's all I have for today. The love of God for you is so very kind and so very patient. He doesn't rush us or expect more from us than we are able to give. He really is good.

Love, Mama.


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