Being part of God's family

"....those who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God."
Romans 8:14

Dear child,
Do you like the feeling of belonging? That's the feeling you get when you are in a good family. You know you belong. You know that you fit right in. You feel at home, comfortable. It's a good feeling.

Did you know that you can feel just as comfortable and at home being part of God's family? God says we can call Him "Father" or "Daddy" (Rom. 8:15). He wants us to know Him as a good Father rather than a distant God. This is good news! We can fit right in to His family and know that we are loved and we belong.

When we know God loves us and we love Him back we find that His Spirit leads us and helps us. It's His Spirit that helps us know we are God's dearly loved children, and if we are God's children then we don't have to be afraid!

You are loved!


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