Songs sung into eternity

Once upon a time a little brown haired girl ran through fields of green, hair streaming behind her like a banner to freedom. The sunlight beamed off her face, radiant, as a chorus of love cascaded from her heart. It was a delicate tune but the weight of joy behind it swelled into a symphony. 

Once upon a time a young women looked out of a window, glass wet with rain, falling like tear drops across the pane. Her own heart shattered, like shards across her soul. The blood seeped - a slow silent death of all that she was. 

Once upon a time a mother remembered the little brown haired girl. It hurt. It was easier to forget, to be competent, organized, divorced from the heart. But the heart hadn't forgotten. Yes, it was scarred, it didn't resemble that same person, but she was still there, somewhere. She wanted to be cherished, remembered, not forgotten, because, you see, she was so true and real. 

And this mother wondered, in the middle of a life that is so full of needs, is there a place for that little girl to breathe again? Where does this mother find a space to open up a heart still loaded with pains, even after all these years. Because even when a pain or two gets dealt with, more seem to pile up, like an avalanche, and the tendency in this age is to stuff it down, keep moving on, because it hurts to face the pain and let's face it, who has time anyway.

So she stops a moment and stills her soul. She let's the noise inside die down until all that is left is this thrumming of a heart beat and a single melody flows forth, echoing a song of old breathed into the ether from the heart of an eternal child.


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