Lovely is 18.
Where she lives is anything but lovely. Her surroundings are like a mockery to her name.
Her mother has no source of income and she struggles to feed her children, alone.
Lovely makes her home in Petite-Anse, Haiti.

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It's chief characteristic is piles of trash. Trash that makes a "road". This is Lovely's home.

Lovely, with 18 years of abject poverty as her experience of life, is offered something. A sponsor through Compassion. last night we became Lovely's friends, supporters and advocates. We will love her because, despite her circumstances, she really is lovely. She is lovely because she is loved.

Lovely has the right to dream, just like any other child. She has the right to have the dignity of hope. She has the right to believe that she could escape from the lie that tells her she is worthless and her life has no meaning or purpose. She has the right to hear that her life matters. She has the right to discover the heart of God for her. She has the right to believe in herself and her God given potential.

I will be praying for Lovely - praying that her name would be a promise to her and she would know to the depths of her soul that she truly is lovely. She is worth more than the garbage life has thrown at her. May the garden of her soul bloom with the promises of God. Yes, may it be so.


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