Watching beauty unfold

Thankgiving #1
The glass broken. Window pane sheared horizontal. It was the uncurling of his anger released into hard transparency. It was the uncurling of anger that wanted to be released straight at me, not stopping at the skin but piercing the heart. I watched, like it could be me, my own rage bubbling out, manifested into being known. I get it. Really, I get it. I just wanted his heart uncurled, opened out to meet with mine.

I am thankful. Thankful because the window symbolizes the brokenness that sometimes it takes to come home. He came home.
I would take a thousand broken windows, more, to have my boy's heart at rest with his maker.

Thanksgiving #2
The rain has stopped. A still pool lays on the deck, tranquil. The raging floods are subsiding, water evaporating into the timeless sun which faithfully shines like a smile on humanity. We are loved. 

Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away.
Song of Solomon 8:7

Thanksgiving #3
Little boy voice calling to brother, rejoicing in what he has made! 


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