Trio of thanks

A trio of thanks for today.
3 of us in this house today, wills butting up against wills. Forgiving grievances (Col 3:13). Learning to love. Learning to take a word spoken harshly and make it a soft return (Proverbs 15:1). The tennis game of love.
I was hitting hard today, the rough edge of my tongue grazing souls. It happened before lunch over over memory work. Ironically, while we were learning Ephesians 6:4. How is it that I can run rough shod over small souls, the cement of their hearts still wet? My thanksgiving for today is the grace of forgiveness from my boys. The words softly spoken, "I forgive you Mama," and "That's OK." 
Thank you for grace.

The canopy above is blue, sun shining, intensity no longer there as the leaves start to reveal traces of gold. It's hard to imagine that almost 2 weeks ago waters raged without regard for what stood in their way. Now they have subsided, subdued by the sun. I am so grateful for love descending on a hurting community and binding up those who have lost so much.
Thank you for people who care.

Big boy reaching into little boy's heart and drawing out the smiles instead of tears. It's a gift.
Thank you for brothers who love each other.


Jennifer Dougan said…

Nice to meet you. I'm hopping over from Ann's link up, counting gifts with you. The gentle forgiveness after humble apologies is so beautiful, huh? We echo that over and over at our house too.

Thankful with you,
Jennifer Dougan
Kirsty Sarris said…
Hi Jennifer. Good to meet you too! Thanks for hopping over and saying "hi!"
Turns out we both graced European lands. I am from England. I've lived in Colorado for the past 11 years with my husband who is American. Looks like we are here to stay.

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