Mathare in my heart

I can't get the images out of my head.....the desperation, filth, a place simply unfit for a human life.
Mathare. Nairobi, Kenya. 600,000+ people living in a area of 3 square miles, more than the population of Denver (which covers an area of 150 sq miles). Their homes are 6x8ft shanties without beds, electricity, running water. The toilets are the alleys and ditches between the shanties, or plastic bags which are thrown into the Nairobi River, which is also where they collect water to drink. 

Crime and HIV/AIDs are common. There are many orphans. Girls are sexually abused as men believe the myth that to sleep with a virgin will heal them of HIV and so the girls are abused younger and younger as men. Women prostitute themselves to make money. It is like hell on earth. Souls were never made to endure this kind of pain.

Mathare, it rings like a foul word in my vocabulary, so wretched is this 3 square miles of existence. I read this yesterday and I sat for a long time after trying to process all that I now knew. And once we have the knowledge what do we do with it? What do I do with it? I feel gratitude for the changed lives through the Compassion project and the hope that is shining in the middle of darkness. There really is hope.

There are 2 children waiting to be sponsored from Mathare. If you don't already sponsor a child and would find it a joy to change a life from desperation and despair into hope and joy for only $38, please consider sponsoring one of these precious ones:

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Proceed to our secure online form


Thank you so very much.


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