Missions from the couch

I've been thinking a lot lately about the limitations that I put on my life. I can't do this because of so and so, or I'm too old, or I'm too tired, or I just don't have the resources. I can't decide if I'm looking for excuses or if I really believe that what I have is not enough.
So I've been looking at the flip side of that coin. I asked my husband this question..."If you had unlimited resources and energy, what would you do?" He smiled and started listing all the things of the top of his head like scuba diving, ski-ing and so on...then he asked me. I listed my "dreams", a house with land, an amazing view, time to be creative. There was a pause and he said it deliberately,

"If I really had unlimited access to resources I would want to end poverty in this generation and fill people's hearts and minds with the goodness and love of God." 

I swallowed, getting down the implications of what he just said. The conversation had taken a sharp turn to the right, outside of our "wants" and "dreams" and into something more real, more worthy of a life. He touched on a very deep chord in my heart - that of really wanting to make a difference and so my mind space changed from what we didn't have to what we DID have. And so standing on a rock at the side of a lake our minds became charged with all the possibilities that we have that are ours if only we want to reach out and grab them.

And here started our "I can do this...." list (instead of I can't...) and I've tag lined it "Missions from the couch" because, although I rarely do sit down on the couch, I am at home many, many hours of my life.

1) I can birth a heart for the poor of the earth in my children through prayer and education
2) I can have a garage sale to raise money for babies that would die without medical intervention
3) I can pray for the children that we sponsor
4) I can write to the children that we sponsor with words of encouragement and hope
5) I can encourage others that they really are making a difference when they sponsor a child
6) I can involve my kids in buying goodies for shoeboxes to send to kids all over the world
7) I can help my kids fill gallon zip-lock bags with snacks, dry socks and water for homeless people
8) I can ensure that the charities that I am giving to have exemplary financial integrity
9) I can live simply, knowing that I am still living at a standard way above most of the earths population
10) I can bring others along on the journey, knowing that most people really do want to make a difference according to the resources they have

HighlyVulnerable2 375x155
Photo from compassion.com

And there are so many more ideas. I want to be a "pig Will" not a "pig won't" (ever read Richard Scarry?)

I'd love to hear your ideas too and the ways you are making a difference. We can do so much more together than apart.

Goodbye for now, fellow "Pig Wills" let's talk later :)


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