So many ways to make a difference.

I feel it all over again, the welling up in the eyes. Because, after all, I really have more than I need. I do. I only have to think about these kids for 30 seconds and there it goes again, the wetness behind the lids and the images running through my mind.....girls sold into sex trafficking, boys digging through trash trying to find something to eat, a child watching their only parent slowly die from the ravages of AIDS. This is our world....OUR world. We belong to each other. We are part of each other...the same race....the human race.

And the images of the children we sponsor pass through my mind - the smiles that gradually unfolded throughout the years, the peace that has become part of their being. It is good. Child sponsorship is good. I am not in the heat of Africa inoculating little chubby arms or cooking rice for hungry Indian toddlers, but what I have to give, my mite, it is good.

We sponsor 7 children through the ministry of Compassion International and I have seen the difference it has made and I think the difference has largely been in us. We are different now. We are on the journey of love and we like it. My kids say we are 11 in our family now. We've stretched and grown and these kids are a part of who we are.

I would love to know if you are part of this journey too. Tell me the names of your kids and where they are from. If you haven't joined up yet, I'd love to have you journey with us.

Join me over here and find out more

Help make a difference in the lives of children in need. Now is the time to sponsor a child.


Rachel said…
Beautiful, how fun to see your family grow in this way!
Kirsty Sarris said…
Thanks Rachel....I hope one day we can go and visit them.
I love finding new blogs that spread the word about Compassion! Thanks for sharing this, Kristy!

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