Love gives all....

This Lent I have been reflecting on what Jesus gave for us and what I keep realizing over and over again is that His cup was completely poured out for us. He held nothing back. Nothing. He gave everything that He had to give to demonstrate the extent of His love. I wonder why I ever doubt that He loves me. Why do I question His goodness? He has manifested His goodness through creation and then culminating in the cross. And what astounds me in all of this is that He counted it all joy because He wants us so much.
How is it that we so easily disregard His intentions towards us and get bored so easily with thinking about Him. He never gets bored with us and we are the boring ones. Honestly, our appetites are so dulled that we don't even know how to savor the person of Christ anymore. And folks, I'm talking about me here. I am ashamed at my lack of desire for this Man who gave everything for me. The exchange is so unfair - He, the perfect One, takes all my dirt on Himself so that I can be presented clean. I want to scream out, "I'm not worth it! Don't do it!" But it is done. It is finished.
That is the glory of the gospel. Love has given all.


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