Grace, grace, grace

I'm memorizing Romans 8 over here in this neck of the woods and I just keep getting awed over and over again at the freely given mercy of God. We don't deserve any of it. There is nothing that I can do to earn his love because it's been given - it was given before the foundations of the world were set in place (Eph 1:4). He embraced me a long, long time ago when I was just a love song in his heart. I am marveling at the utter extravagance of his gift of grace. He gives us the Spirit of Himself to live within us and it is His very spirit that works to heal, restore and produce fruit. We simply have to make the choice to lean into that love and accept His leadership of our lives.
The years of working at my own righteousness have been long and weary. I have found no relief, no soothing of my soul as I have tried to perfect myself. It will never please him and it will never draw me closer to His perfection, it only creates distance. Why did I think, having started my journey into love through an overwhelming display of grace and love through Him, that I could now perfect myself? (Gal 3:3)
The only path is His way. That is the way of the Sabbath rest, the yoke that is light and easy, the place of peace.
Trusting in His ability to finish the work He started in me (Phil 1:6) is the way. Trust. It's all about knowing His goodness and free falling into that very grace.


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