The yearning of God

There is an eternal thread that weaves through my days like a filament of hope holding all things together. The thread that shimmers bright in my gray days. The thread so strong, it is the foundation of the rest of the fabric of my life. The thread is love. It is the same love that sustained Jesus (Jn. 17:23). We are loved with that intensity of desire - the love that created our very being (Ps. 139:13).
The thread shines when I feel the blanket curled over my feet, when water quenches my thirst, when I hear the voice of a loved one. His love is not hidden from me - he displays it all the time. My dullness to see is no excuse to accuse him of being unloving. He has given all and desires us - longs for us.
I feel the thread drawing me, weaving in me into that longing. I begin to desire that the longing for His love would be the thing I seek after all the days of my life (Ps. 27:4).
Oh God, take the blinders off my eyes that I would see your beauty. You have unashamedly revealed yourself in great vulnerability to a people that love you in weakness. Who are you that you would speak of your longing for us - tell us of your longing for us. What man exposes his heart in that way? There is no hiddenness in your love, just a simple opening of your heart in the way you say "I love you, I long for you, I desire that you would be with me where I am." It is the great invitation of all and yet we constantly overlook the ways that you woo us. You choose to stun us with the glory of creation. It's all for us. You gave us the greatest love letter of all. History has been an unveiling of who you are. The future will be the greatest unveiling of all time.
You are God and you became Man, for us. You made yourself low, lower than the angels (Hebrews 2:7). You shed the glory that adorned you in heaven and clothed yourself in the rags of this earth. You suffered for us, for me.
Oh God, be the thread that weaves back and forth throughout my days - not a lonely thread in the dullness of me but a bright shining tapestry of love across my heart.


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