Confession. I am not really a pinner. Pinterest is strangely addictive and I weaned myself several months ago after endless hours looking at beautiful homes and gardens for way too long.
When I received the challenge to post a graphic on Pinterest for Compassion's Pinterest contest, guess what....I did it. I dusted off my boards and added a new one called My Sponsored Children......ahh yes. I was motivated because of the opportunity to win a $100 gift for one of our children in Africa, India or the Dominican Republic. It's funny what you will do for those you love......

Repin and my sponsored child could win a gift of up to $100. That would go a long way in Ethiopia.

So now I am once again weaning from the pages of lovely pictures and recipes, but know that in the myriad of images there is one to help us remember it takes so little to make a difference in the life of a child. Will that hold our interest long enough to step past the desires for new kitchens and bathrooms?

We can't take home furnishings with us at the end of this life but the relationship with a child will last for eternity.

I know it puts a smile on the face of God when we care for these little ones. Social networking isn't so bad after all.


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