Dear Father.....

Sometimes it feels like you are the last person I talk to about the things that rest on my heart. I worry, I act, I share my concerns with those that I love, but don't share it with you. I'm sorry.
Is it my lack of faith that causes me to doubt your sovereignty? Because you are in control, you really are. Even in this fallen, depraved world full of sin and poverty you are still in control. Laughter still happens, flowers still grow up from the mud, the birds still sing. Your grace is all around us, everywhere. Oh God, give me eyes to see.
What about the children I lift to you every day. I can't see how you're working in their lives. I breathe the prayers out by faith knowing that you love them more than I do. You are good.
What about the children that don't yet have their food source secured, or their education freely given. What about them? I know you see them. Oh God, give us eyes that we might see them too....that we might see what we have and what we can give. That we might see your face in theirs - "If you give to the least of these...."
Birth in us your heart for the poor and the destitute. Birth in us your heart for justice for those who don't have a voice. Help us to use our influence to change the debilitating effects that poverty has on a life. One by one, Lord. Help us to do it one by one.
Let the silent cries of the broken be a clarion call to us, like waves crashing on the shore, unrelenting, unceasing, and work off those hard edges of our stony hearts - let the hardness be smoothed and softened by the mercies of your spirit. Help us to not be overwhelmed but to see our part.
Father, you know those faces, each one, each expectant gaze, and I trust you to provide.
Thank you Father for your mercies and your grace. Thank you that the sun rises each day and never fails. Thank you that you never change and your mercies are new every morning. Thank you for the demonstration of your love through Jesus. He is beautiful. Thank you that you are in control and the universe spins around you, not around sin. Thank you that your love is enough. I love you.


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