Birthing mission in a child's heart

Everything has ramped back up since the school year started. Our mathematics books are pressed open at the spine, the graphite scoring marks across the paper. The books are stacked, pristine, waiting to lead imaginations into different worlds and times. The days are cooling off and it's like we have a new beginning. Freshness pours in through the open doors in the evening newness, even as the trees are starting to shed their papery leaves.

I ponder our Coloradan changes and wonder if that same freshness and delight is in the hearts of our Compassion children scattered across the globe. I pray they feel it - the hope of newness, a fresh beginning and new mercies.

It seems like so much of our lives are bound up with these little ones. I think about them daily. I pray for them. We write them letters. They have given us the gift of sharing little parts of their lives with us. I thank God for the opportunity for my boys to have friendships with these children whose lives are so different to theirs. Birthing mission in the souls of Luke and Isaac is happening as we journey through live holding the hands of those that need our encouragement and material intervention, but, oh, they are such a gift to us too.

Consider with me for a minute, if we each took a few minutes with our children looking at the faces of those children awaiting sponsorship and prayed for them to find a sponsor, prayed for them to know Jesus, prayed for them to be protected, we are birthing the reality of James 1:27 into our children.

Precious beyond words......

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