When children have no voice

I have two boys. I homeschool. I try to keep a clean house and cook nutritious meals. Often I fail. Always I need grace.

About a year ago I asked myself this question: "What can I do to touch the plight of children living in poverty when so many of my hours are tied up in the home?" I prayed and pondered and kept asking that question through the tears because looking at the faces broke my heart (still does) and I couldn't have the knowledge of what they live through and not act. It has been impossible to turn away into my own sweet comforts without remembering them. I've been scarred in a way and I am glad.

This question lingered as the warmth turned into cool nights and the leaves began to turn and curl at the edges.

One morning early, before the sun rose it's faithful light over the horizon, I was once again looking at the faces, the deep eyes of children in desperate situations looking at me through the screen. Clicking through the site I saw a page, an invitation, a way to talk about these kids, a way to share their worth. Blogging for Compassion became my passion and a voice for my heart. And so I unashamedly write of their stories and of my journey out of hardness of heart and into a place of tears for their plight.

If you are like me and you desperately want your one shot at life to make a difference, this is one way that is so accessible wherever you live and whatever you do.

Be a voice for children that have no voice. 

It is so easy to sign up and become part of this worthy cause. Check out the assignments or the resources you can use and touch the nations from inside the four walls of your home.


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