Another Addition!

Well, our little Compassion family has expanded again. This time we added Gemechile from Ethiopia. He is a little boy of 6 years old and his mother wasn't able to send him to school because she simply didn't have the money to do so.
Last weekend I finally got to writing all of our kids again. It had been too long. I really want to do this more regularly. I realized as I was writing that my life is so completely different from theirs. I mean, I know that theoretically but as I was reading Dawit's letter I felt his despair and I didn't know what to do with that. I mean, how do you encourage a 6 year old child who has lost both his parents and lives with a brother and sister who try to find work to support themselves. I pray for Dawit at night with my six year old as I lie next to Luke on his bed, in his room, and I think about Dawit sleeping on a dirt floor with no parent to tuck him in. It breaks my heart. How in the world can I find the words to write in this letter to bring hope to him? I know that Jesus is, simply, our only hope in this world and as I scribed the words I prayed for a revelation of God's love to come to Dawit.
My mind has been spinning this week since I played . You enter into the life of a single mother who lives in poverty and I was shocked by the choices that she had to make to survive. It really gave me insight into lives that are so very different from mine. You should try to play it. It doesn't take long and I hope you do better than me when I first played it. I think I ran out of money on day 9.
I am getting to know more about this organization that made the game: and I feel inspired by their vision to end poverty and challenged to live differently so that we can free up more resources to help the poor. Yesterday I was fussing that I have a 14 year old carpet that is covered with stains and honestly, I am embarrassed about it. Then I remember Dawit who would think our house is like a palace. Oh God, I need perspective.
Well, that is my little update. It's been so long since I wrote on this blog. I've been writing on another project which I'll tell you about sometime.


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