Embracing the fatherless

This man, he really loves. I watch him well up with sorrow over the loss of his brother and then see him turn to the hurting to give of himself. Today he will embrace the fatherless in his arms. He will tickle them and have fun with them. He will have five zany kids running around him and this is what he does when he gets a day off. He chooses love.
I'm not sure that I knew the full substance of this man that I married. I hadn't yet journeyed long enough along life's path with him to know how he would turn his life's history on it's head, how he would become a father to many - he that had no real model of fatherhood given to him. But it's really not by pulling up on his bootstraps and trying to be different that changed him, it's the consistent meditation on the Man, Jesus. These are just two of the recent emails that I received this week from him:

Jesus' tenderness (I always start with this one). I love the fact that as powerful and busy as Jesus was during that 3.5 years - He had enough time to put His arms around these many children and actually hold them. He didn't just pat them on the head like a politician. Scripture also says that people would bring babies to Jesus to "bless them." (Reference: Mark 10:13) Given John 14:9 ("If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father") this would indicate that God is also tender... in the exact way that Jesus is tender.

Let's take a second look at Mark 10:13 - The fact that the Children WANT to come to Jesus and be held by Him in His arms reveals that Jesus was so very "approachable." Usually powerful and influential world leaders or history makers are not open, warm and approachable. But Jesus was and is. The children, most probably, did NOT want to run into the arms of the Pharisees. But Jesus is so different. And since God Is Just Like Jesus... God is open, warm and approachable... especially to those who turn and respond to Him.

You see, the meditations of his heart have led to loving Jesus more and becoming more like Him, and isn't that always the way it should be as we read about the God-Man?  The message of the Bible isn't about how we need to get saved, or how we should act, but "take a look at this beautiful Jesus, this beautiful God, and see how worthy He is of our worship." Ultimately, what we behold, we become. If we focus on the good and beautiful character of God we will gradually become more and more like him. He has to be the object of our worship for us to change, but the promise is that we do change and grow in love and where there was lack there becomes no lack because He is enough.

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