The Light of Men

Darkness wrapped itself around me like a suffocating blanket, the cloth infused with fear. I tried to withdraw from the blackness finding it overwhelming and paralyzing but it was all around me, threatening to get inside of me. I lay there motionless in the shadows remembering John 1:5, "the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it." I turned over and pulled the cord on my lamp. Instantly light flooded the room. the shadows dispersed and my mind was stilled. If power in a light bulb can make that difference, how much more the power that comes from the One who breathed all things into existence? The darkness has not overcome His light, it will never put it out, extinguish it, understand it or overtake it. Light won and still wins. There is no reason to fear because perfect love casts out all fear, as soon as the light was put on the shadows went. As soon as love shines into the darkness it extinguishes all power of the darkness.
Who is this Man that I have fallen in love with? I was reading through John 1 last night with friends and completely stunned by the breath, depth, expansiveness of who He is and what He has done. My mind can barely comprehend Him. His name is the the Word, (John 1:1, Rev. 19:13), all that issues forth from His mouth is eternal, true, weighty, enduring. He is God, (John 1:1) and was with the Father at the beginning, speaking everything into existence (John 1:2-3). Life is inside of Him, life that can resurrect a dead body, that can speak a word and a tree grows, life that was put inside a mother's womb (John 1:4). This is our light, our life, that we issue forth from Him because He speaks a Word and we are like limpid streams from this great treasury of water - clear, translucent, calm and untroubled.
He gives us the right to be born from His family line, a second chance. He adopts us into His family out of despair, death and poverty to give us a future and a hope, new identity and a new inheritance (John 1:12-13).
He came to this broken and bleeding world to breathe grace, extend mercy and speak truth into the atmosphere of accusation and lies (John 1:14). He lived among all that He had breathed into being and was rejected. His was the first voice they had ever known and they didn't recognize Him. Their eyes, ears and spirits scarred and tainted by their brokenness.
He is God's Only son, there is only One. He came to this bloody mess and endured separation from His Father, the love between them beyond our comprehension. He came to show us who the Father is so we would know once and for all that this is what God is like. He is just like Jesus.
I could meditate on this for months and still not fully comprehend the depth of this God-Man. He is so worthy of my worship.
The power of darkness has no hold over this light. He broke into the darkness with a word (Gen 1:3). That is His creative power and the authority that He holds over the Universe. I have no need to be afraid.


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