If I ever doubted I was loved.....

A thin crescent moon hangs in the early morning sky, so stunningly beautiful - a sliver of iridescent light against the dark blue canopy. I read John 3 and imagine the Pharisee, Nicodemus, coming to find Jesus at night. Seeking out the One he knows is from God but doesn't yet understand. Jesus draws out the heart of Nicodemus causing him to ask more questions. He thought he had come for a simple answer from Jesus but instead he is drawn into the magnitude of the purpose and plan of God and the depth of God's mercy for people. Amazing.
The heart of God's desire for the Pharisees' is revealed in this passage. He didn't just write them off. Time and time again Jesus reached out to them, longing for them to receive his mercy and forgiveness. He gives one of the most beautiful statements about God's plan of redemption in the middle of this dialogue:
'For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.' (John 3:16)
If there was ever any doubt that God loved us, this one statement silences the age-old accusation. God loves the world, the whole world and everyone in it. The extent to which he loves is beyond our comprehension because we don't understand that he would give Someone so perfect - the One that is His only. He doesn't have another Son, Jesus is it, Jesus is all He has. He loves Jesus. He is love. He didn't ask Abraham to do what He would ultimately do (Genesis 22). God gave love to us to save us in a way that we don't have a grid for. His love is completely selfless. Jesus willingly and joyfully came to dwell on the earth, to inhabit a human frame, to save that which was lost. Us. We are completely in the dark without the light of the world to break into our shadows. He, the One that spoke everything into being, loves broken, fallen humanity - that's you and me - so much and His mercy is so great and so freely given. There were no demands when Jesus became the cruciform Man, hanging on the cross. His longing was for our hearts to turn to Him with all the doubts, hurts, pain and tears and say, 'I believe, I want you because you are the only true source of love in this world. Any love I have ever experienced in my life originated with you. I need your mercy, I need your grace. Help me to life in your light and in your love.' He is longing for our hearts because He gave all for us. He didn't hold anything back. His love is transparent and freely given and ours for eternity if we choose to say 'yes.'


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