Hope found in the least expected places

I didn't expect to be so deeply moved, so touched by this movie. I mean, I wear the beads and they touch my skin but have never touched my heart. Yesterday when I saw her on the screen, the one who had made my beads, and witnessed her laugh, her smile, her hope despite all odds, the tears pooled up and tipped over. It had just been an abstract ideal up until that point. I liked the beads, I felt benevolent when I wore them and when people asked me about them I talked as if I was doing poor people a favor. I was humbled when I realized yesterday that these people have something that I need. They have joy and hope beyond anything I can understand when I see what they have walked through and still walk through. I have financial resource and they need that, but it really isn't a one way exchange. The life that exists within them that I feel so stripped of here in America made me hungry for more. I find myself asking why? Why are our lives so relationally barren and theirs so full? What do they understand about community that we are so sorely missing? I am realizing that having financial resource is a blessing but we have too much. If we did it Jesus' way things would be so very much better. We isolate ourselves with our money. Money means we can live further away from others in houses that our neighbors never get to see inside. If I told an African that I have lived in my house for 7 years and my closest neighbors have never been inside it, a look of complete bewilderment would cross their faces. It's not that we have never invited them, we have, they just never came. We live closed off from the world here and there is a pain associated with that. It might not be as obvious as the pain of financial poverty, but it is a real pain nonetheless but we hide it behind our expensive make up, clothes and lovely houses. It hides in pride. I watched the unhindered joy of these people in Jinja, Uganda and I felt destitute. Not financially destitute but emotionally destitute.
We need each other. There isn't a place where we will have it all and never need other parts of the church. It doesn't work that way, was never meant to. The body can't operate fully if the foot is missing, or a lung, or a knee.
I really want to know how to step outside of this American bubble that I live in to reach deep into places that have what I need and to be able to share what I have. I'm not sure how that looks but I can't help thinking about it.

'Moving On' Official Trailer from Light Gives Heat on Vimeo.

Watch the whole 90 minute movie here and make sure you have your kleenex!


Jaimie Stepro said…
well written, i have had many of the same thoughts myself. you may enjoy reading this blog: http://kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com/
we are seeking to establish deeper relationships with a more intimate form of community in our church. i appreciate you and chris' prayers because as you stated, it is uncommon in our culture. miss you guys. :)
Kirsty Sarris said…
Oh yes, I love kisses from Katie. She is amazing. I actually didn't realize that she was in Uganda until today when I visited her blog again.
Love you guys and your hearts! Miss you too.....

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