Hole in the heart

I read the story about Fatao this morning and I wonder who is feeling the hole in the heart more, Fatao or his parents? Fatao is 6 years old, he has a ventricular septal defect - a hole in his heart. He is currently in India while his parents and 5 siblings are still in Burkina Faso. I think about my Luke being in a different continent awaiting a major surgery without me. That would feel like a hole in the heart. I can't imagine how they must be feeling, the mixture of gratitude for the surgery that they could never afford combined with the helplessness of not being able to comfort their son. They could never have afforded to pay for his surgery, his father working part-time as a security guard and mother selling fritters in the local market. They barely have enough money to support their family. There was no hope for Fatao until he became a part of Compassion's child sponsorship program. The program pays the first $5000 of Fatao's care but the total cost is $23,000. If you want to donate an amount, no matter how small, please click here. Also, please keep him in your prayers. It's a huge thing for Fatao to be in India undergoing a major surgery without his parents.
Thank you so much.


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