He has to be our refuge

It's a fallacy to believe that we can skate through this life without touching the deep waters of pain, regret or sorrow. Suffering is a part of the human existence and we need to just be real about that. The media does us a disservice when it portrays a picture of a blessed life with no trials or struggles. That just is not reality. I haven't met a single person whose life has been blissful from conception to death and we'd better wake ourselves up to the truth that life isn't going to be that way. I don't mean all this as a depressing reality, more as a wake up call so we can walk through heart ache without being crushed, that our security doesn't depend on perfect circumstances and our happiness is not rooted in all our dreams coming true. To have our expectations correctly set is going to save us a lot of disappointment and it helps us build on what is real, true and enduring - love.
To be rooted and established in love (Eph. 3:17) is to have a sure foundation in life, like the tree that lets its roots spread far and wide in good ground so when the storms come it does not topple. To allow love to grow character instead of responding to the changing winds of selfish desire is to truly find life.
Jesus has to be our refuge in the storm. Love has to be our anchor. Truth about reality has to be the rock bed we build on. Storms have come in life and they will continue to come and the only way to really be prepared is clinging to Christ and growing in understanding of who He really is.
I don't know what will happen today, tomorrow or this year but if I had known a year ago what would happen 11 days from that day I would have resolved to cling harder, dig deeper with the knowledge that the deep waters of suffering do not wash us away when He is our anchor.


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