Finding life over a plate of steak and potatoes.

I sat looking at him across the table and he reminds me this is where I told him the news, where he found out he was a father. I wouldn't have remembered, so much time passing between then and now, but he did remember.
I look at my husband's face and the years of journeying with him pass in front of me. I remember those early years of figuring out what was under the skin of this person I enjoyed, then the years of learning to partner in life together as a married couple and then as parents. The lessons learned about love along the way have been real and sometimes painful as the choice to love has sheared off the rough edges of my character. Marriage and parenthood have been part of the great sanctification in life. I have been taken into joy and then challenged to grow because of love.
I see the depth of oceans as I look into his eyes. We have traversed lots of life together where we've hit up against barriers of selfishness and self protection. We have cried tears of joy together and tears of pain. We have shared moments that run like honey across the lips and bitter moments of misunderstanding. We haven't walked blithely through the past 10 years, we've worked hard, but this I know, that He who began a good work in us will be faithful to complete it (Phil 1:6).
This meal we shared, it wasn't just about filling the stomach but about filling the heart with love freely given to each other. It was about the sharing of souls over the table. It was communion right there with my husband and my God over a plate of lettuce and chicken and a plate of steak and potatoes. My body is impregnated with life, it's not the life of an infant this time but the life found in the love of a husband, flesh of my flesh, and the love of my heavenly Father.


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