By the grace of God

"God isn't looking for perfection, He's just looking for a willing spirit." That was the phrase that kept going in circles through my thoughts this morning. I just read a blog, about a 18 year old girl that went to Uganda in 2006. Now she lives out there, feeds 1600 children Monday-Friday, has a child sponsorship program to send 400 children to school and more. Here I am thinking about how amazing she is and this is what she says about herself:
Now the mother of 13 daughters, Katie offers, "People tell me I am brave. People tell me I am strong. People tell me good job. Well here is the truth of it. I am really not that brave, I am not really that strong, and I am not doing anything spectacular. I am just doing what God called me to do as a follower of Him. Feed His sheep, do unto the least of His people."

I remember the truth again, God really doesn't require perfection, He looks for a willing spirit and promises that His grace will be sufficient. That doesn't mean that the journey will be easy, or that we won't frequently come to the end of ourselves, but isn't that the point? That we keep walking forward anyway knowing that He is with us and that His grace really is enough. I haven't tested this like Katie has - haven't walked her path of giving of herself way beyond her natural capacities. I have seen, though, that even in my own stretching and giving there really is a place where he fills my depleted cup back up. Rather than get discouraged by the fact that I am not doing everything perfectly I want to see the way He sees, that I am trying, I keep getting back up and living another day desiring to love Him and love others more authentically.

This young woman, has given her life to serve and this is what she says:
And today, there was a Savior who paid my ransom with His blood, and it was enough.
It is always enough. Could I just remember? Could I just remember whose I am? Could I just remember the price He paid to live in me? And if Christ is in me, then can’t I find Him in all of these things too - the measles and the vomit, the flowers and the forgiveness and the toenails? Knowing that in all circumstances He is enough and He is working to draw me closer to Him, I praise Him for the good in the hardest of days.
Jesus, you are enough.


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