Brevity of Life

We only have one life. The minutes, the hours, the days, they come and go. I feel the moments passing me by and I want to grab hold of them and fill them deeply, feel them completely and live them fully. This is all I have. Today, here in this place is my reality and I want to make it count. I want to love well.
This morning I was reading John 13 where Jesus, knowing that His chapter here on earth was closing, stooped low to clasp the disciples' dirty feet in His beautiful hands, hands that would soon be nailed through, and He cleansed their toes, soles, ankles. Jesus wasn't distracted by the upcoming torture He knew He would face, He wasn't discouraged by the betrayal of one whose feet He was washing, He simply came to His friends, arms wide open, His heart alive and engaged and He loved. He served. He bent in humility and showed them His greatness.
He bent low. He only had a little time left and this is what He chose to do. He demonstrated what love is - who He is. He showed us what we should do and He said we would be blessed if we did these things.
Jesus knew His mission. He knew that the Father had put all things under his power, and that he had come from God and was returning to God (John 13:3).
I want to know my mission - to hear from God fully and to walk in obedience to that. I want to love well knowing that the Father has spoken. I want to love God fully with my whole being and then love others.
What does this mean about my priorities in life? About my choices? About the way I spend my time and money? I want to live knowing that at the end of my life I have no regrets.
I want to stay filled with the Spirit of God, connected and grafted into the only true source of love and bear the fruit that can only be born through His life in me.


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