Letter from a child

I flick through the mail and see it, a letter from the boy I daily pray for and carry in my heart continually. Paper tears as I open up this story of his life written onto a page. I stand just inside the doorway, shoes still on feet, feeling the doorway of my heart opening again. This little boy, an orphan, lives with his brother and sister in Ethiopia. His existence is so different from that of my children but he is barely older than my son. The first page is check boxes. Where do you sleep? On the floor, his reply. What are you floors made of? Mud. I feel it in my eyes, they are tipping over warm tears and it all starts to roll down.What are your walls made of? Wood. Your roof? Corrugated iron. Oh Jesus, this boy, boy of my heart, he lives in poverty. No parents, a mud floor, a brother that works in a factory to try to support his siblings. I turn the page wiping away the blur across my face. I see his pictures, drawn for us. A beautiful flower with leaves, petals, roots; a building; people. He is finding beauty around him too. He is drawing me a flower out of the desert of his existence. Oh Spirit of God, be with him as you are with me. Teach him to see beauty, to find the beautiful in the midst of pain.
A slip of paper is attached to the letter - a report card. This child is doing so well at school and his conduct they describe as "excellent". He asks me to pray for his studies, that he would be successful. I pray, I pray this for him daily and I pray that he would know who Jesus is, how much Jesus loves him and wants to give him a hope and a future.
He is one of millions that have no voice. They are overlooked, ignored. Would you consider loving one of these children today?

Help make a difference in the lives of children in need. Now is the time to sponsor a child.


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