Just a Minute

The boughs lay heavy on the tree, weighed down by snow. The world out there looks still on this early morning. A fresh blanket of virgin white covers my back yard, untouched, beautiful. It reminds me of a book I just finished reading called "Just a Minute." In it Wess Stafford explores the concept that in a very short space of time we can impact the heart of a child forever. It made me think about the hearts of children - created by God - hearts like virgin snow. The experience of the world will make it's imprint for good or for bad. Moments can either give courage, vision and hope, or can bring despair, fear and poverty of heart.
The opening pages of the book had me in tears as he recounts a story about a little girl in Indonesia who had suffered horrible trauma yet God began healing and restoring her life through an event that happened in a very short space of time - the investment of someone who cared. It's like the smoothing out of the snow after a machete comes through, rupturing the delicate surface with it's careless strikes, wounding, leaving scars.
This book challenged me to look for opportunities to build up, love and encourage these delicate hearts, especially when I remembered my own life story and how words spoken over me made a huge difference, for good or for bad. I love his perspective that we are all qualified to do this and it really only takes a minute. I walked away thinking about the great worth of children and feeling empowered to make a difference. Now I keep looking for opportunities to speak life, love and blessing over little ones! It really is a great book which captures God's heart for children and gives vision to see that we can make a difference. We can make beautiful imprints in the fresh snow of their hearts.


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