God in all the details

It's the little things that surprise me. I don't know why they should, I've walked with God long enough to see His hand working in my life but I forget. The curse of a fallen mind - I can't hold fast the memories and so I doubt Him. Last night I was reminded again of just how much He cares.
We were on the Compassion website looking for the little girl that my 3 year old son had chosen on Monday night when we celebrated St Nicholas. He was very specific: "I want a girl who is 6 years old". We put our preferences into the search and from a whole list of faces he immediately chose Johanny from the Dominican Republic. "Her," he said. I confess, it was actually 3 nights later when we got out the credit card to officially make her ours. I was just a little nervous that she wouldn't be there anymore but consoled myself with the fact that Isaac probably wouldn't remember her anyway. I put in the preferences, pulled up the faces and she wasn't there, not on page one...I click to page two and immediately Isaac sees her, "There! That one!" he says. My husband, being the engineering and having the mind for details, wanted to know all about her - where she lived, what she ate, what her family situation was like. We opened up the details and the first thing he said was, "She has Keith's birthday". For those of you who don't know, we lost Chris' dear brother Keith very suddenly last April. It has been a painful year of grieving the loss of someone who had a very special place in our hearts and especially in my husband's heart. So, I felt like God was saying "I know what you've walked through, I have always known, and just so you know that I know, I gave you the gift of Johanny, born on the same day as  Keith, her mother pregnant while you were pregnant with Luke. I'll let you play a part in Johanny's life and you'll remember her when you think of Keith. You'll pray for her when you feel the loss of Keith." We didn't choose her, God chose her for us and he used little Isaac to bring her to us. I love that about Him!


Rachael Barham said…
That is such a special gift - wow... <3 R

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