Window into reality.

It's been a whole day since I watched the video. I watched it in my warm home. I watched it while my boys played with the unmanageable amount of toys we own. I watched it while I sipped a glass of cool filtered water. I watched it while my heart stayed protected, shielded by my comforts. How easy it was to disengage, to think "so sad" and move on. What a sickeningly painless transition it was to collect the mail later in the day and hand my son the new lego catalog, wondering if he would find something he liked in it for Christmas.
The video, the reason for my reality check this morning, was about stunningly beautiful Filipino children. It was about the hope given to them by a compassion project. It was about their homes - shacks in the flood water that you had to float to on a raft. It was about watching a precious child swim in filthy water. It was about a girl curled up on a bench, looking at me with eyes that haunted me while the commentator said that she was waiting for a sponsor so she could also go to the compassion center to get education, health care, food and learn about Jesus. It was about watching these people living in material povery, needing us, and yet at the same time realising the poverty of my own heart, that I really need them. I am humbled by the easy disengagement of my shallow, weak heart and the propensity toward ungratefulness while I remember the faces of the Filipinos, beautiful in their servanthood and humility. I witness the beauty of eternity close to their hearts and here I am, the well learned Christian, and I question just how far I allow the beauty of eternity to get close to me.

The video is about 7 minutes long. I plan to watch it with my 3 and 5 year old boys to have a window into the lives of other children. I'm sure that my oldest will be telling me we need to sponsor another child through Compassion and I think, maybe, probably, he's right.


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for sharing this, Kirsty. You really struck a chord with me when you mentioned your heart "shielded by comforts." I know I have to intentionally fight to stay focused on God's will and His heart for children in poverty. Thank you for the reminder and for sharing your heart!

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