Suffering Under the Skin.

Early rising this morning. My mind has wandered though a myriad of thoughts but as the earth moves to reveal the sun, my thoughts move to dwell for a long time on this verse: "Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for orphans and widows  in their troubles, and refuse to let the world corrupt us." (James 1:27). This isn't a new thought for me. I witnessed the suffering of poverty when I spent 5 weeks in Managua, Nicaragua, but letting my senses linger on suffering is different than allowing it to touch my soul. Today I reflect on the suffering of humanity, the cry of the fatherless, the hopelessness of the widow and my questions flow:
will I let suffering get under my skin to move me?
Will I let the Man of suffering, Christ Jesus, break my heart for those in need?
Will I wait while He, who wraps himself in light (ps 104:2), wraps me with the light of revelation of His heart for the orphan and widow?

I feel myself uncomfortable, shifting, eyes flitting to and fro rather than the steady gaze. Yet the sun draws my eyes - it's beauty, it's constancy, and the Son draws my heart - His beauty, His constancy. Jesus, the Man full of joy (Heb 1:9) and the Man of sorrows (Isa 53:3). The beautiful dichotomy that is so hard for us to understand, yet so crucial to the heart of the Christian life.

I feel the invitation, the offer to let His love move just a little bit nearer, enter just a little bit deeper. I pause, I hesitate and then I look into the eyes of the child and what I see is Him. Eyes water as I remember it's all an invitation. He beckons me, you, because knowing sorrows and being full of joy are part of the same whole and it's all about knowing Him anyway and if he loves them then I want to love them. Let the little children come to Him (Mt 19:14)! Let us be the invitation bearers for the King!

Sun has risen in the sky and fullness of light breaks forth.

Oh Jesus, break into our lives with the light of wisdom and revelation so that we may know you better (Eph 3:16).

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