Happy Birthday!

My son LOVES birthdays. He gets so excited about parties, balloons, cakes and the presents of course! We sponsor 3 children (2 in Africa, 1 in India) through Compassion International www.compassion.com and yesterday was our little Ethopian boy's 7th birthday. This gave us a really good excuse to go to the grocery store, buy a packet of balloons, a cake mix and create a little birthday celebration in honor of him. We mixed up the cake, baked it, decorated it with that sickly sweet icing out of a tub and then my son proceeded to decorate it with A LOT of sprinkles. The balloons were blown up, candles put in the cake and lit and we sang happy birthday.
Luke is pretty young right now to engage with the fact that other kids don't have all the luxuries that he enjoys but it was a good way to get him to start to think about these other little children and it was great fun!


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