Christmas in August?

So, we saw the craziest thing last night. We were driving past Hobby Lobby and saw Christmas Trees in the windows! It is the middle of August and I am still thinking about water melon, outdoor pools and sunblock and I don't feel like living for another season just yet! It did make me think about life a little though and realize that culture is always going to be pushing me into the next season, whether it is "back to school" or Christmas or even just longing for the weekend. I am susceptible to this "living for the future" and I know that it robs me of today. I want to be able to live in the reality of the moment and be fully present in the hour that I live in. I know it's not easy but life is passing me by really, really quickly and I see how fast my son is growing up. I don't want to miss out on all the little nuances of each moment because I am so focused on what is next.
My husband and I were talking recently about lifestyle changes so that we are more present with our family instead of just letting it all pass us by, and a friend of his said "Chris, you have to be ruthless". I don't know if we have what is takes to be ruthless but I hope we do because kids are worth it.


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